It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Arthur Academy Charter Schools.

I am very proud to be the Executive Director of the six Arthur Academy schools.  We have operated since 2002, serving almost 1,100 students in the Portland area.  I have been lucky enough to be a member of the Arthur Academy team since 2005 and have held the position of Executive Director since 2013.

Arthur Academy charter schools specialize in a unique instructional model that is a way of teaching that defines our charter school option called Direct Instruction (DI).  In our DI programs, general objectives have been broken down into very small teaching progressions.  All activities and examples for each lesson are very carefully analyzed and follow a sequence that can be easily learned and incorporated into more complex areas of higher levels of applications.  What is learned is continually used and applied, with less need for review. The activities are presented in very precise, interactive ways so that lessons are easier for students to understand.

Along with our DI programs (which are used in the subjects of reading, writing, spelling, language and math) we also offer social studies, science, enrichments, physical education, technology and music.

Arthur Academy schools have a tradition of academic excellence and we believe in our school motto: “Pay attention. Work hard. Get smart. Be proud!”  If our students pay attention to their teacher and work hard at their lessons, they will get smart and then be very proud of themselves.

In appreciation,

Stephani Walker,

Executive Director

Arthur Academies


  • Pay Attention

  • Work Hard

  • Get Smart

  • Be Proud

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Happy Kids with Books

Arthur Academy has a proven record of success since our first charter school opened in 2002.
We consist of six small, friendly, well-managed schools with a specific focus on structured, research-validated curriculum called Direct Instruction.

We use a mastery learning approach to teaching.

We employ highly trained and qualified teachers and have experienced small groups teachers to help with small individualized instruction.

Our classrooms use positive behavior management in a safe, accepting and stimulating environment.

All kindergarten students will learn to read and do fundamental math.

All students accelerate their learning.

Students that have struggled will catch up.

High achieving students will continue to excel.

Our school community is a place where students, staff and families are valued and respected. We work together to provide a safe, welcoming environment in which all students thrive and love to learn!

Every single student, regardless of ethnicity, parental

income, learning difference, culture, or native language,

will become a fluent reader and will master the academic

and intellectual skills necessary to succeed at the next level of schooling.

Implied in this mission is the desire to prevent failure in the early grades. One of the first books written by Siegfried Engelmann, the founder of Direct Instruction, in the early 70's was "Preventing Failure in the Primary Grades." Also, the main objective of the most current research in early reading is to prevent failure. Arthur Academy's methods apply this research, as well as research in other subjects, so that all children can be successful.

Yet, simply preventing failure is not enough. We want all children to excel as much as they are capable. We know that this can only happen within a context of excellent programs, skillful teaching and within a caring and understanding environment. The leadership of Arthur Academy has the experience and know-how to meet these goals.

The Arthur Academy, with the use of Direct Instruction programs, provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for all students.​