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"We love Arthur Academy! It has some amazing teachers, an incredible teaching philosophy and a great atmosphere for learning. My boys have improved in grades and learning in the first year and it's been amazing. AND, they both love the school, love their teachers and love feeling good about their achievements."
- Parent of a Gresham Arthur Academy student

About Arthur Academy

Arthur Academies have a proven record of success over the last 10 years.

We consist of six small, friendly, well managed schools with a specific focus on structured, research validated curriculum.

We employ highly trained and qualified teachers and have experienced co-teachers in every classroom for small individualized instruction.

Our classrooms use positive behavior management in a safe, accepting and stimulating environment.

All kindergarten students will learn to read and do fundamental math.
All students accelerate their learning.
Students that have struggled will catch up.
High achieving students will continue to excel.